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The territory of San Demetrio Corone extends along the hills of the Sila Greca for about 7500 hectares.
 Not being homogeneous, the topographic altitudes vary: in the south, more rugged, the altitude reaches 800 meters while in the north it fluctuates between 400 and 40 meters.
 It is crossed by the Galatrella, Mizofato and Muzzolito streams, tributaries of the Crati river.
 The highest part, which includes the areas of Buttorino, Castagna Rotonda, Calamia and Poggio, has vegetation rich in chestnut groves, while proceeding north the territory is characterized by plains, often cultivated with olive groves.
 San Demetrio Corone has, on the whole, morphological characteristics similar to those of other arbëreshë villages in Calabria.

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